I offer the following advisory services at a fixed rate of $150.00/hour.

Apple's Policies

Minimum Engagement: 
1 hour

Apple's App Store is a Walled Garden. To flourish in the App Store, you must play by Apple's rules, of which there are countless, especially when it comes to generating revenue on your app via In-App-Purchases and Advertisements.

I will help you wade through the mire of Apple's App Store Policies, Human Interface Guidelines, and undocumented best practices. Knowing how to play by Apple's playbook will increase your revenue and customer-base.

Product Vetting

Minimum Engagement:
1 hour

You have an idea for an app, but are unsure how to go about building the product. You may wonder if it's been done before and if it succeeded or failed. You may even wonder if your product is technically feasible with Apple's existing frameworks and libraries, or if external software or contractors may need to be hired to build out your technology stack.

I will help vet your idea before you spend your precious time and money building a product, so that you are informed and educated about how to approach the endeavor.

Proof of Concept Development

Minimum Engagement: 
1 hour 'Product Vetting' session

You had an idea. I vetted it for its feasibility in today's market with today's technology. The next step is for you to build it.

I will do the research for you, including preliminary development work. I'll provide you with a detailed document that delineates the research I've performed, the software I've tested, and my opinion on how to approach and build out the minimum viable product (MVP).

Code Quality Review

Minimum Engagement: 
None, as this is dependent on the project

You may have hired an off-shore agency or a junior developer, and you're not sure if your product is being built according to proper standards. Will your product be able to scale? Are you seeing bugs pop up between nightly builds of your app? Do you need a second set of eyes?

I have participated in and facilitated countless code reviews. I understand the importance of having a fresh pair of eyes look at a problem and the proposed solution, and provide feedback and guidance when necessary. I will happily review your code and provide you and the individual/team you've hired with an assessment and any feedback that is needed in shoring up your app's codebase.

Technical Interviews

Minimum Engagement: 
2 hours per Candidate

As someone who has hired dozens of engineers and who has been approached by hundreds of recruiters, I know how often staffing agencies misrepresent their clients and engineers misrepresent themselves.

Before you hire an engineer you found through a website, or one that was referred to you by a staffing agency, I will vet your candidate for their technical prowess. I will make sure they are up to speed on modern day standards and that they're using best practices when building your product. This will assist in ensuring that your project functions properly, has fewer bugs, and that your codebase stands the test of time.

Find a Freelancer

Minimum Engagement: 
1 hour "Product Vetting" Session

In my network, I have many freelance engineers who have worked as lead developers on early-stage startups, well-funded start-ups, and multi-million dollar organizations. 

After I vet your idea, I can connect you with a suitable freelancer to build out your product.