Talented, driven, and fun to be around, Arthur is an invaluable member of the team. He has unlimited potential and ability.
— Blake Hall, CEO,
It’s rare that an expert in a field is also talented enough to instruct his craft while adjusting that instruction to the learner’s level of experience and learning style. I felt respected for what I knew and encouraged to fill my knowledge gaps.

Also notable is that Arthur remembered me nearly a year after our class and connected me with a developer colleague to assist with my needs. I’m grateful to be benefiting from his thoughtful and prompt response - not to mention insightful matchmaking!
— Joan Kanner, President, Karmic Messenger
Arthur is one of the most brilliant engineers I know. Aside from his immense iOS talents, you want Arthur on your team because of his diligence, trustworthiness and passion. Arthur takes great pride in the things that he builds, so you can rest assured that he will always give his best effort and communicate openly if he feels that something could be done differently. Arthur is also a great asset to the iOS community as he puts in a lot of time to share his knowledge via blogging, teaching and contributing to open source.
— Tony Huynh, VP of Product & Engineering,
Arthur is incredibly energetic. Furthermore, his top priority is getting the job done. He’ll go above and beyond to make sure everything is done correctly and on time. Great working with him!
— Ryan D. Matzner, Co-Founder, Fueled
Sharp developer with an eye for the big picture. Arthur considers all aspects of a project when making recommendations. Working with him made me a better technologist and I hope to have many more opportunities to work with him in the future!
— Zachary Blank, Founding Partner, The Hitch
As a true engineering leader, Arthur not only ships code and delivers high quality iOS products, but also educates and guides the next generation of developers and technologists, making him a reliable source of information and know-how. His kind demeanor and problem-solving capabilities comes standard.
— Michael Lopiansky, Director of Entrepreneurship, EPI Networking
Arthur helped me learn how simple changes can fix complex problems in my app.
— Hector Ocasio, Founder, Pet Connect