Arthur Sabintsev


Arthur Ariel Sabintsev is The iOS Consultant. Currently, he is a senior engineering manager at Capital One.

In his professional career, he has worked at:
- The Washington Post
- A US-Government-backed Startup
- A TechStars funded Startup
- Fueled: An Award Winning Mobile Agency

He has taught over a hundred classes on iOS Development at General Assembly, Betamore, and American University, and has edited a couple books for Packt Publishing.

He has contributed to Apple's Swift Programming Language, and recently, one of his projects, Guitar, became part of Swift's Source Compatibility suite, which will be used by Apple to test Swift for backwards source compatibility.

His open source software has been downloaded over 2,000,000 times and used in over 17,000 applications.

In a previous life, he was an Experimental Nuclear Physicist at The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.